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   Tongling Onbole PCB Co.,Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise jointly funded by Jiangsu Xinan Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd., Suzhou Lingyun Circuit Board Co., Ltd. and Suzhou Xiangcheng District Gusu Circuit Board Co., Ltd. Among them, Xinan Company specializes in manufacturing PCBA and purchasing PCB2 billion yuan annually. The three enterprises in Suzhou have integrated their industrial chains. Their customers include the top 500 enterprises in the world. Their products are exported to domestic and foreign markets. The annual capacity of the first phase of ABC boards reaches 700,000 square meters, the sales volume is 500 million yuan, the tax revenue is 40 million, and the pre-employees are 600. At present, the purchasing equipment has reached the international first-class level, which is comparable with the first-class enterprises in the field of PCB. From 2017 to 2020, FPC and hard and soft bonding boards, HDI high-end multi-layer printed circuit boards were put into operation.


   铜陵安博电路板有限公司是由江苏新安电器有限公司、苏州凌云电路板有限公司和苏州市相城区姑苏线路板厂共同出资建立的高科技企业,其中新安公司专业制造PCBA,年自足采购PCB2亿元。 苏州三家企业产业链整合,客户群包括世界500强企业,产品远销国内外,安博电路板一期年产能达70万平米,销售额5亿元,税收4000万,前期员工600人,目前采购设备达到国际一流水平,能与PCB领域一流企业媲美。2017年-2020年阶段性投入FPC及软硬结合板,HDI高端多层印刷线路板。

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