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In Safety Production Month,Onbole solidly carried out education, training, and emergency drills

Issuing time:2023-06-20 18:20

June of each year is the national "Safety Production Month". Each unit of Tongling Onbole PCB Co.,Ltd. closely focuses on the theme of the "Safety Production Month" activity, actively organizes and carries out safety education and training and emergency rescue drills, continuously improving the level of safety production emergency management and emergency response capabilities.

On June 15, 2023, the company organized a fire emergency drill. With the command of the on-site commander, the simulated live fire drill began. After discovering the fire, on-site operators immediately report it to the on-site person in charge and quickly organize personnel to evacuate according to the predetermined evacuation route. The emergency rescue team arrived at the scene as soon as possible and dealt with the fire, using fire-fighting equipment to quickly extinguish the fire according to the firefighting steps and methods. The entire exercise process was responsive and orderly, achieving the expected results.

The onsite coach demonstrated the correct use of dry powder fire extinguishers, and each participant carried out practical operations one by one. Three people worked together to complete the tasks of water pipe transmission, transportation and firefighting, and all members conducted a fire emergency escape drill. The participating employees are serious and obedient to commands, and the atmosphere on site is very enthusiastic.

Through training and drills on fire safety and emergency rescue skills, the awareness of "prevention first and safety first" among employees has been strengthened, the ability of employees to self rescue and scientific escape has been improved, and the spirit of helping each other and fighting side by side in emergency situations has been cultivated. To quickly and effectively disperse personnel and help employees master the correct use of fire extinguishers and escape methodsTo lay a solid foundation for ensuring the life, health, and safety of company cadres and employees.

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