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Team leader summary commendation congress held TWI a line

Issuing time:2021-01-22 14:45

On January 9, 2020, the company TWI first-line supervisors summary commendation congress was held in the hall on the second floor, after eight months training the teacher's guidance, a line of team leader management training objective all successfully completed. Through this stage training for front-line team leader to master the ability to solve problem analysis; Make a line supervisors to have a good grasp of statistical analysis and found the problem; Strengthened enterprise first-line supervisors leadership, management ability, so as to improve enterprise quality; Make a line team leader to recognize the role definition, set up the correct mode of thinking; Learn to create a harmonious working environment, master the methods of communication skills, motivation, strengthen team cohesion, problem analysis and solution.

Meanwhile, TWI project team in the process of training the completion of the job for the team and the quality of comprehensive evaluation, selection of some of the results for a better recognition and rewards;

Address summary in the end, the company general manager Yang, points out that the first-line supervisors, workshop director is the basic combat cells production-oriented enterprises, is the enterprise directly

Soldiers fight, they are the direct organizer and production activities commander, is the company's strategy and the rules of the ground. The comprehensive quality of frontline supervisors directly

Affect the product quality, production efficiency, production cost consumption, safety and the stability of the shift team, will eventually be directly or indirectly affect the company's profits. so

Build a good line management team, to continue to improve and consolidate the company's operating performance intimacy is important.

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