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In March 2020 the company 6 s comparison summary meeting

Issuing time:2021-01-22 14:47

6 s management: consolidation SEITON SHITSUKE, sorting SEIRI, literacy, security and SAFETY, cleaning SEIKETSU, clean SEISO.

6 s is the basis of field management, its significance lies in: to promote the enterprise image, enhance customer confidence; Ensure safety and reduce cost; Reduce waste, improve efficiency; Improve equipment life, ensure the quality of products.

, our company attaches great importance to the 6 s management performance appraisal activities on a regular basis, the main content summarization convention is announced in March 2020 points 6 s check grading results, and make the next step of work instructions.

The conference is the first published ratings. Beginning in March, 2020, our 6 s team members under the leadership of 6 s leader, grouping, as to our raw material warehouse, cutting... Until the packing and so on the whole process for 6 s check. Through the joint efforts of 6 s team leader and team members, 6 s bad problems in the scene of the scene to monitor and correct in a timely manner. Found 144 questions and observation item, and require the heads of responsibility process for timely corrective and preventive. After the review and confirmation, March 6 s check first called FQC/OSP process (scoring 96 points), and last, the welding process (75 points).

Followed by revealing the typical adverse phenomenon. Yang, general manager in violation of unhealthy phenomenon criticism of safe production system, and stressed that the relevant departments to supervise and urge, head of the department staff to carry out the company's production safety specification, prevent similar problems happen again.

For bad phenomena to criticism, the leading role of excellent department also want to praise, general manager Yang for this rank first team (FQC + OSP) awarded the first prize awards, the red flag. For the name at the end of the welding team, director lu encouragement for paying for the award at the end of the name, hope they can continuous efforts in the future work, to do well in the next competition.

Conference in the end, Yang, general manager for the future work has made the related instructions.

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