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Sincere service to impress customers - thank-you notes from clients

Issuing time:2021-01-22 14:48

At the beginning of 2020, the year of the rat, a spread of epidemic spreading in Chinese territory, the momentum of unprecedented. Despite the impact of unprecedented new crown outbreak in all walks of life, but as long as we treat the future has a good vision is yearning, through struggle also will be able to after a storm comes a calm. The outbreak of the new champions league unless a crisis, and the nature of the crisis is dangerous opportunities. In fact, from the point of the end result, ember of us is precisely grasp the opportunity. The country from all walks of life after the Spring Festival almost the lockout, company to return to work very hard, ember circuit as one of the largest PCB enterprises in anhui province, stands strong, surmount every difficulty, with arduous efforts, completed to ensure each customer in the supply chain. , instead of a decline in sales performance not only because of a show during the outbreak of the supply chain system qualities, ember achieve super performance in the first quarter of sales performance, hisense, tesla global us-funded enterprises to ember an olive branch, many clients contact stage in previous years, has achieved substantial cooperation this year. For this purpose, the ember of pay, recognised by the customer, and customer recognition, is a great honour to ember.

Sincere service, impress clients - thank-you notes from clients. Recently, we received a thank-you note from wuhan customer sent, praising the ember people during the outbreak of cooperation with customers and delivery assurance, won the customer recognition and praise. After the company received a thank-you note, all are excited, in the next work, will continue to inherit and carry forward the rigorous work spirit, and strive to give every customer a satisfactory answer.

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