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PCB demand, 5 g drive so quantity and price

Issuing time:2021-01-22 14:50

PCB as the key electronics components used in almost all electronic products, is the key assembly of electronic components with interconnected parts, not only to provide electrical connection for electronic components, also carrying the electronic device digital and analog signal transmission, power supply and the transmit and receive radio and microwave signals, such as business functions, the vast majority must be equipped with electronic equipment and products, and therefore is known as the "mother of the electronic products.

PCB industry is in the global electronics industry segment output value accounted for the biggest industry, with the deepening of the research and development and upgrade technology, PCB products gradually to high density, small pore size, large capacity, light and the direction of development.

PCB as electronic circuit upstream foundation material, change is the result of downstream electronic products demand. Since 2008 after the outbreak of the financial crisis, the global economy is weak, the electrical consumption has also been hit, PCB production fell by 15% in 2009, and then the compensatory rebounded in 2010 after the electronic product innovation meet the bottleneck, weak growth, in 2016 after the bottom rebound demand in 2017.

PCB as the foundation of electronic products, widely used. In 2019, according to Prismark data cable communications infrastructure, wireless communications infrastructure, server, mobile phones, PC in the whole PCB industry output value proportion sum up to 57%.

, according to Prismark global PCB production value of about $63.7 billion in 2019, up 2.1% from a year earlier. Global PCB production in 2023 is expected to reach $74.756 billion. Global PCB industry market scale continues to expand, the market prospect is considerable.

As Europe and the United States, and other countries and regions, rising labor costs and the downstream consumer electronics manufacturing shift to China, China has become the largest and fastest-growing global output PCB manufacturing base. China PCB production value of about $33.744 billion in 2019, according to the forecast, by 2023 China PCB output value will reach $40.556 billion, accounting for more than 54.25%. The PCB market rapid development and growth in excess of the global industry growth.

PCB, is each bearing system collection of electronic products, the core of the base material is copper clad, the upstream raw materials mainly include copper foil, glass fiber and resin. From the point of cost, copper clad accounted for 30% of the whole PCB manufacturing - 40%, copper foil is the main raw materials, manufacturing copper-clad r.p. panel cost account for 30% of the copper clad (sheet) and 50% (plate).

In 2019, the new capacity of 129000 tons, domestic electrolytic copper foil can output will reach 593000 tons. Among them, the PCB copper foil production capacity increased by 31000 tons, the output can reach 333000 tons; Lithium battery copper foil production capacity increased by 98000 tons, output can reach 260000 tons. In 5 g base station construction required billions of market scale, the construction of domestic production capacity, domestic alternative speed will still needs to be promoted.

PCB product category is numerous, can according to the product of conductive layers, flexural toughness, assembly method, the base material, the classification of the special features, such as a variety of ways, but in practice, often each subdivided according to PCB industry output size mixing

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