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Most old PCB industry, and increase new sorrow

Issuing time:2021-01-22 14:51

As China's epidemic prevention effective propulsion, epidemic brought PCB industry production problems have started to improve significantly. Recently, however, Europe and the United States and Japan and South Korea epidemic is growing, and most old PCB industry, added new sorrow.

Recently, according to the survey, is the most basic of PCB industry electronics industry is facing a return to work and production, delivery and payment for goods back etc. Phenomenon, even if there is some to self-test temperature instrument needs, but overall, the outbreak still make PCB industry in winter.

Because Taiwan PCB manufacturer production of about 63% in mainland China production, 35% production in Taiwan, so business is also suffered a certain impact. Recently, however, the personage inside course of study points out that China had the worst situation, with the rate of return to work, the second quarter operating will gradually improve.

According to webmd, PCB industry insiders said that the mainland in addition to the hubei area of PCB factory reopened rate has been restored to 5 ~ 8, the industry had the worst situation, the second quarter operating will start to improve soon. However, as the epidemic spread to Europe and the United States, end demand will further decline.

PCB market analysis, the mainland factory will normal production is resumed in April. Micro network reported previously set, in high pressure under the influence of industry transfer, environmental protection, PCB industry reshuffle has been in progress. Production problem just had signs of improvement, if the outbreak in a foreign country without control, the overall decline in demand, I'm afraid some PCB factory will have a tough winter.

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