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Is there a future to PCB industry in China?

Issuing time:2021-01-22 14:52

1, more than half market share in mainland China's share of global PCB is on the rise

Printed circuit board (PCB) products since 1948 is applied in business, in the 1950 s began to rise and widely used. The traditional PCB industry is labor-intensive industries, technology intensity lower than that of the semiconductor industry, since the early 21st century, prior to the semiconductor industry from the United States, Japan, gradually transferred to Taiwan, mainland China. Development so far, China has become the global influence of PCB producer, PCB production accounted for more than 50%.

2018, global PCB production scale up to $63.6 billion, according to industry institute obstetrics, according to data in 2018, although China is still to win 31.3% of the global market share of Taiwan, but China's proportion reached 23%, and the city of rising rate and growth rate, gradually advanced on Taiwan's leading position. Together accounted for 54.3% of the proportion of global PCB production for held NO1.

2, the output value of 2018 China PCB size exceeds 34 billion laminated dominant

The electronic circuit industry in China on the path of the transfer of industry, and China has a sound and stable domestic market and significant manufacturing advantages, attracted a large number of foreign companies moving production center of gravity to the mainland. After many years of accumulation, the domestic PCB industry gradually mature, in mainland China as the main production area of single multilayer PCB, further towards the high-end market.

In recent years, China PCB production scale expanding year by year. According to forward-looking industry research institute published "China's printed circuit board manufacturing industry market foresight strategic planning and investment analysis report, statistics show that in 2010 China PCB production scale has amounted to $20.17 billion, by 2017 China PCB production scale up to $29.73 billion, up 9.7% from a year earlier, the proportion of 50.53%. Into the end of 2018, China's PCB industry production scale and growth speed to a record high, scale of production reached $34.5 billion, up 16.0% from a year earlier.

As the downstream electronics pursuit of light, thin, short, small, the development trend of PCB for high precision, high integration, light direction. But compared to Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and other regions, PCB products in mainland China is still in single and double panels, 8 low-end products such as the laminated layer. PCB products in China in 2017, a multilayer accounted for 41.5%.

3, industry focused on jiangsu and guangdong area

PCB products as basic electronic components, and its supporting construction industry more around downstream industry concentration area. Currently about 1500 PCB enterprises in mainland China, mainly in the pearl river delta, Yangtze river delta and bohai sea electronics industry concentration degree is high, the greater demand for basic components and good transportation conditions and the conditions of water, electricity area. Among them, the guangdong and jiangsu provinces gathered degree is high, the PCB industry in guangdong in 2017 sales revenue accounted for the proportion of industry reached 46.26%, jiangsu reached 34.77%, the total accounted for 81%, regional concentration is higher.

4, enterprise concentration lower foreign-invested enterprises occupy the main market position

China's PCB industry has developed rapidly, but initial value contribution mainly come from the production capacity in China, foreign domestic enterprises competitiveness is weak. According to the statistics of CPCA, PCB industry, there are 58% of the total foreign manufacturers in China. Although the quantity is improved and domestic manufacturers, but also relatively smaller scale, enterprise revenue data from 2017 domestic PCB, size of more than 1 billion domestic enterprises accounted for less than 30%. In the top 10 list of PCB manufacturers in the country, only two Chinese companies list, top ten concentration was 40.18%, China PCB enterprise on a smaller scale, concentration is low.

5, emerging industries to promote industry development in the future China PCB production will break through $40 billion

China is the world's influential electronic information products manufacturing base and the consumer market, with the advancement of "made in China 2025", in the mobile Internet, Internet of things, big data and cloud computing, artificial intelligence, driverless cars such as emerging markets have emerged a number of world famous companies, to form a complete set of electronic manufacturing industry to provide more opportunities for development.

In addition, since 2019, Beijing, henan, jiangxi, chongqing, chengdu, shenzhen and other places have mounted support 5 g industry ground action plan or planning. Along with the arrival of the age of 5 g commercial base stations and other infrastructure are accelerating network, and 5 g communications equipment to the communication material requirements higher, demand will be greater, operators in the future on 5 g construction investment is larger, so communication PCB will have a huge market in the future. Predicts 2022, the Chinese PCB production will break through $40 billion, by 2024, the output value reached $43.8 billion, the size of the market promotion space is very large

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